Letter From ChromaDex

Dear Pure Hoodia, Inc.

I hope you will find this opportunity one you can use.  Chromadex is a company that manufactures and sells reference standards and reference materials with emphasis on botanicals.  We are currently undertaking a project that involves the development of genuine hoodia gordonii reference standards and materials.  There are, as you have noted, a lot of products in the marketplace that contend to contain Hoodia gordonii but that (without verification) possibly do not.

We came across your information from Cyber News Network and thought you might be able to be of assistance in our project.Our objectives are to develop genuine hoodia gordonii reference standards and reference materials.  The challenge is in initiation since it is very difficult to be certain that the starting materials we use are, in fact, Hoodia gordonii.  Since your reputation is that the products you offer are genuine Hoodia gordonii, we would most interested in obtaining materials known to be genuine.  Our initial requirements are only on the order of 100 grams or so of genuine material.  Once we have this we can begin the process of identifying specific compounds contained exclusively in Hoodia gordonii and subsequently developing reference standards for use in analyzing Hoodia gordonii material.  As we progress we would also be interested in developing reverence materials (not single chemical entities but representations of whole plant materials or simple/common extracts). 

Can you assist us identifying where we can obtain genuine Hoodia gordonii material for these uses?  Your kind attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.  Should you have questions, you may wish to begin at our website to understand who we are and what we are about.  If you have more specific questions, or more importantly if you are able to help us, please let me know.  Thank you for your kind and prompt attention to this matter.

Jim Lassiter

Website:  http://www.chromadex.com
2952 S. Daimler St.
Santa Ana, CA  92705 USA
Ph:   949-419-0288
Fax:  949-419-0294
Email:  JimL@ChromaDex.com


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