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SOURCE: Cyber News Network, LLC

Pure Hoodia, Inc. Helps FDA in investigation of counterfit Hoodia operation.

SUN CITY, Ca.--( C.N.N./ CyberNewsNetwork )--May 20, 2005 - Spokesperson for Pure Hoodia, Inc. told C.N.N. today that they are currently working with local FDA criminal investigations special agent Zachary Timko to blow the lid off of what could be the nations largest counterfeit Hoodia operation. Currently under Federal investigation is Steve Wingard of Ashley Industries in Round Rock, TX. Mr. Wingard who for the past two years has claimed to supply TrimSpa and other major manufactures with his Hoodia Gordonii Succulent.

Pure Hoodia, Inc. became involved with the FDA criminal investigation after purchasing a small amount of bulk Hoodia Gordonii Succulent powder from Steve Wingard that is being turned over to special agent Zachary Timko as evidence for the FDA along with a copy of the receipt and COA that Mr. Wingard provided Pure Hoodia, Inc. According to special agent Timko, the material purchased by Pure Hoodia, Inc. could be the key to their criminal investigation.

Pure Hoodia, Inc. told C.N.N. that many newcomers are trying to capitalize on the Hoodia diet frenzy because many unscrupulous types believe that selling Hoodia is an easy way to make a fast buck on unsuspicious dieters. When this happens many innocent consumers get burned by counterfeit and inferior Hoodia products that don't deliver on Hoodias potential results.

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